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Crohns Disease Travel Insurance

Great prices and levels of cover for Crohns Travel Insurance.

When you have a medical condition such as Crohns Disease you must ensure you have the Crohns Travel Insurance you need before you leave the country. Having a pre-existing condition like Crohns can make it more difficult to track down a deal that gives you the level of cover you want, at a price you are happy with. Our specialist team of Crohns Disease Travel Insurance experts can take you through your application to make sure you have the right cover at a great price.

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We strive to obtain Travel Insurance for those with Crohns Disease however the condition affects you.

Most common questions:

You will need to complete a ‘medical screening’ questionnaire. This gives the insurance providers full information about your condition and general health. We will need information such as when you were diagnosed, how often you experience symptoms and how you Crohns is treated. Your answer to the questions must be honest and accurate. Withholding or giving inaccurate information can result in any claim you make regarding your Crohns being classed as invalid, leaving you liable to cover the cost of medical bills / expenses.
Insurance policies are assessed according to levels of risk, if you have a pre-existing condition such as Crohns Disease there could be more risk of you making a claim than a person with no pre-existing medical conditions. Our team of Crohns Travel Insurance experts have many years of experience in assisting people like you to find cover. We work with a panel of insurance providers so we can look around for the right cover for you.

Crohns Travel Insurance guide:

When you have Crohns Disease it can result in it being more difficult to obtain Travel Insurance, this of course depends on how the Crohns affects you personally. When answering the medical screening questions you need to answer all questions as fully and accurately as possible. This is to make sure the policy is valid if you need to make a claim. Crohns Travel Insurance applications are based on information such as:

  • When you were diagnosed with Crohns Disease
  • How it affects you day to day
  • What medication you take
  • Any hospitalisations
  • Any other related conditions

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These questions form part of the ‘medical screening process’, this allows the Crohns Travel Insurance company to look at your level of risk and gives a basis for calculating an appropriate premium. Failure to give accurate and honest answers can mean a claim could be declined in the event of it relating to your Crohns during your trip or for cancellation.

Obtaining your Crohns Travel Insurance quotes:

We can obtain a selection of Crohns Travel Insurance quotes for you in just minutes. We can do this with you over the phone, or you can get quotes online. To obtain your Crohns Travel Insurance quote, we just need you to provide us with the following information:

  • Type of Crohns Travel Insurance policy you want (i.e. Single Trip or Annual Cover)
  • Details of your Crohns Disease (and any other pre-existing medical conditions)
  • Additional cover options (i.e. Winter Sports or Cruise Cover)

Quote Online:

It is easy to get an instant online quote for Crohns Travel Insurance by using our Quote and Apply system on our website.

Talk to an expert:

If you would prefer to speak to one of our team of Crohns Travel Insurance specialists, then you can call us on:

Freephone – 0800 458 0487

Telephone lines are open 7 Days a week (Mon to Fri: 9am – 8pm / Sat: 9am – 4pm / Sun: 10am – 4pm)

Once you have selected your Crohns Travel Insurance policy, we will simply email you the policy documents immediately so you can be sure that you have them ready for your trip.


Top Tips for Crohns Travel:

Before you travel some preparation is essential, especially when you are travelling with a medical condition such as Crohns Disease. Often people only have a short checklist, such as:

  • Print tickets / boarding pass
  • Check passport dates
  • Pack sun cream / sunblock

If you have a medical condition such as Crohns Disease, then it is worth giving thought to some other things in your planning.

Seek some Medical Advice before you travel

It is a good idea to have a chat with your GP, Doctor or a medical professional before you go away, just to check you are fit for travel and to be informed of anything you might need to consider while you are away with regards to maintaining the stability of your condition.

Take more than enough medication

It is a good idea to over pack when it comes to medication, just in case. A top tip if you are travelling with others is to pack some of your medication in their case too, just in case you baggage goes astray. It is worth looking into whether you chosen destination has any restrictions on the type of medication you can take with you. Also do be aware if you are taking strong painkillers then you need to check whether you require a license to carry them with you.

Apply for an EHIC

You can also receive a certain level of free cover for European travel if you apply for an EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) before you travel.

Apply Online: https://www.ehic.org.uk

It is important to check what you will be covered for with an EHIC and to take out an adequate Crohns Travel Insurance policy for your trip.

Useful Links:

Crohns & Colitis UK: https://www.crohnsandcolitis.org.uk/
NHS: http://www.nhs.uk/Conditions/Crohns-disease/Pages/Introduction.aspx

Crohns Disease and Life Insurance

The Insurance Surgery is also a leading specialist expert for Crohns Life Insurance. For more information follow the link, or call our team of expert advisors on 0800 083 2829 if you require more information.

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